Foliodress Gown Comfort Reinforced L


Surgical wrap gown with reinforced areas
With comfortable Combitape closure system
Breathable, alcohol resistant, antistatic

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Foliodress Gown Comfort Reinforced

The surgical wrap gown Foliodress Gown Comfort Reinforced from Hartmann is suited for operations with large volumes of liquid, thanks to the liquid-repellant reinforced chest and underarm areas. The multi-layered material offers high resistance against seepage and germ transmission, while also remaining well ventilated and providing high comfort. The Combitape® closure system allows one to quickly and simply close the gown to the proper fit in a single step.

Product Details for Foliodress Gown Comfort Reinforced
Surgical wrap gown for single-use
With Combitape® closure system
With red neck cutout (simplifies recognition of the reinforced OP gown during prep)
Liquid repellant reinforcement on the underarms (to the elbows) and chest area
Material: multi-layered, liquid-repellant fleece with microfibre middle layer
Suited for operations with average to high liquid contact
Extra large chest reinforcement zone
Also suited for seated OPs
Alcohol resistant
High comfort
Reliable protection
Raglan sleeves
High resistance against seepage and germ transmission
Non-abrasive and low lint
Welded seams provide high stability
Wide overlapping of the backside
Stable bands
Long, elastic knitted cuffs
Compliant with EN 13795, parts 1-3
Length for size L: 127cm, size XL: 147cm, size XXL: 155cm
Colour: blue
Individually sterile packaged
With SMS wrap and paper towels
1 Piece

The New SMS Wrap at a Glance:
DIN EN 868-2 conformity
Particularly easy to operate
No sharp paper edges
Low noise unfolding
Improved aseptic handling

Advantages of the Combitape® Closure System
No unpleasant scratching on the neck
No pinched hairs
Holds on each position in the back
Large range of individual fit
No arching in the back area

With the purchase of large quantities of the Foliodress Comfort surgical wrap gown (more than 1 carton), we award you with an attractive bulk discount.

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