Our Free Money Back Guarantee

Easily Assure Your Purchases with Trusted Shops Buyer Protection

As a member of Trusted Shops, we provide you an additional service of the Atradius money back guarantee. We assume all costs of this warranty. All you have to do is register for it. Once you complete your order, simply click on the button “Register for money back warranty.” You will then be redirected to the homepage of Trusted Shops, where you will be able to register for the money back guarantee.

How to use Buyer Protection from Trusted Shops

1. Request Money Back Guarantee anfordern

After making your purchase, click the button "Register for Money Back Guarantee" which is shown in your customer account after completing the order.

2. Confirm Your Registration

You will receive an email from Trusted Shops with a request to confirm your registration. Use the included confirmation link to complete your registration.

3. Buyer Protection is now Activated

Every purchase with Praxisdienst is immediately assured up to 2,500 Euros.

Your Benefits​

  • Specialist advice by telephone and online chat
  • No minimum order value!
  • Insured delivery and free return of your medical supplies
  • Delivery during preferred delivery slots

Payment Options​

This shop exclusively provides special items and offers for doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals, who apply these products for their medical practices.

Payment Options​​